Students of the 11th edition of the EA Secondary Schools competition participate in June CoR plenary

Winners of the 11th edition of the EA/CoR Secondary Schools participated in the COR plenary session in 15-16 June. The competition took place in eight member states, Estonia, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Scotland in the UK, and involved pupils aged between 14-18 years.
The competition's first stage was a multiple choice test that assessed the pupils' knowledge on the European Union and the EU institutions, whilst the second one was to write an essay which examined the very important issue of reducing food waste.
Two pupils from each school, each with the best results in both stages, participated in a three day study trip to Brussels.  A total of 42 students and teachers participated. Pupils acted as ambassadors for their schools and regions with impressive presentations in a meeting with the EA members. The presentations included videos and photos of local places of interest and beauty as well as art and music.
The young people enjoyed the opportunity to get to know each other and to discover the differences between each other's regions, cultures and education as well as their shared experience as young Europeans. As part of their trip they also visited the European Parliament's Parlamentarium to learn about the functioning of the European Union.