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Starting date:
15 April 2013
Closing date:
1 July 2013
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Illustration Competition - Winners Gallery


Laura Gaynor, the eighteen year old filmmaker from Sligo, Ireland has won the first prize in the Illustration Competition "Being a European Citizen: how do you see it?" organized by the EPP Group in the Committee of the Regions. She was commended for answering to rather difficult competition question in a simple and straightforward way. Her artwork won the contest just ahead of illustration of Tiago Veras, architect and urban planner from Lisbon, Portugal, who will receive second prize award.
Jury Members:
  • Michael Schneider (EPP/CoR Group President)
  • Joseph Daul (EPP/EP Group President)
  • John Macdonald (Head of Task Force for the European Year of Citizens 2013, European Commission)
  • Colm Lauder (Youth EPP Secretary General)
  • Hege Van Dijke (Centre for European Studies)

Winning Illustrations:

1st Prize: Laura Gaynor (Ireland)

Because I'm an EU citizen I have the freedom to study all over Europe

We've asked a very difficult question and Laura provided us with quite a straightforward answer. Simple can also be beautiful and that is what has made this illustration a winning one. Erasmus is a cornerstone project of the European Union. It lets not only young people discover, learn, study the complexity of our European lifestyles, traditions, habits. It lets people discover differences and commonalities we share on the continent. And the learning process portrayed on this picture seems to be of crucial importance to understand what really hides behind the European identity and perhaps to its creation too.  No matter whether we have Eiffel Tower or Irish fields behind our window, we share the same possibilities and rights that Europe fuels us with. And isn't that the point that answers our competition's question?
- Michael Schneider

Not only is the Erasmus programme one of the most popular EU programmes. It also contributes to creating a long-lasting  feeling of EU citizenship among young Europeans
- Joseph Daul

Laura's image is clear and quick to understand, and refers to one of the most cherished of EU citizens' rights: our freedom of movement.
- John Macdonald

Lovely, simple and colourful illustration show one of the clearest, most tangiable benefits or EU Membership - the ERASMUS Programme.
- Colm Lauder

To me, an important part of EU citizenship is that it is a European identity through which we are connected, by for example, doing the same thing in different countries. This illustration is a good example of this.  Also, students feel more European after studying in another European country, and this image represents that. The image itself is clear and really represents a concept.
- Hege Van Dijke

2nd Prize: Tiago Veras (Portugal)

Being a European Citizen means to have a word to say, tomove the community, to do the path

Illustration of Tiago touches the very basis of decision-taking process in Europe. Indeed citizens are the driving factor for many decisions on the direction towards which we want the European Union to develop. It is a good exemplification of the citizen's duties, especially ahead of the next year's European elections. Agora on wheels,  I like it! And I would only wish the riders to finally agree on some common direction and do not get stuck in the middle. That is my only worry
- Michael Schneider

I like very much the candidate's idea to compare the EU construction with a bike which the citizens are driving together to create the common path
- Joseph Daul

Nice idea and meaning - importance of working together, but poor image impact
- Colm Lauder

This could be an ad for Europe: it has a clear, simple, understandable message and has all the elements that Europe is: working together, moving forward, discussion, and citizens in charge. The image is well designed. 
- Hege Van Dijke


Honorary Mention: Illya Rozenbaum (Belgium)

"Europe. Aging and Proud of It"

Illya has portrayed something truly unique and beautiful. Those elder people, pensioners perhaps go to the seaside wearing the European flag. Despite the fact that the picture doesn't really answer us what being a European citizen mean… it does show on the contrary, that being European is something that you could be proud of and expose easily. It inspires.
- Michael Schneider

I like this idea that Europe's ageing is also a good sign: it means that European citizens live longer and better thanks to our high standards of living and to the European social model.
- Joseph Daul

Illya's image reminds us that the elderly can remember the darker times before the EU, and that they have a privileged viewpoint to appreciate the EU's achievements.
- John Macdonald

This represents to me what citizenship is: having the feeling of being an EU citizen and being proud of it. It’s a sincere sign of European identity.
- Hege Van Dijke


Honorary Mention: Miroslav Hajnos (Slovakia)

United in diversity is the motto of EU, but also motto of me as european citizen! 

I like very much Miroslav's creativity. He portrays himself wearing different outfits, showing off with different identities. Yet all of them sit behind the European flag have that European perspective in common. The picture is colourful and brings positive emotions and is united in diversity indeed. Yet, it doesn't answer too much of the main question: what does it mean to be European citizen, does it?
Michael Schneider

I like the double metaphor in this picture: Miroslav's image captures the idea that each European Union citizen can have different identities that need not be in conflict with each other. The peace among its Member States that the European Union has promoted for decades shows that this is also the case for the peoples of the European Union.
John Macdonald

This image represents the motto of the EU very well. Countries, but also citizens, are diverse, but united by Europe. It’s good to see each other’s differences. Also, the image looks nice, I admire the work that it took for the photoshopping, both in constructing the image as in the color editing.
- Hege Van Dijke