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EPP Study Visit for Masters Students - 2015 edition

Europe is not just facing an employment crisis, but also a skills crisis. Research shows that despite the record number of jobseekers, Europe's skills gap is a determining factor in current unemployment rates. Education and training systems must reform and innovate to better match the requirements of the labour market, especially in terms of digital and entrepreneurial skills.

Given the important role played by Europe's regions and cities in developing and financing education, training and active labour market policies, the EPP Group in the CoR and the European Democrat Students organised a 2-day event to addressing the skills gap in Europe. 

The 50 students from across the EU  made the following proposals:

Europe needs digital champions
1) Schools and universities need to go digital – the system needs to be reformed
2) Digital education should be a compulsory part of the curricula – from an early age as possible
3) Digital tools, such as tablets, apps and online material, should be used across faculties and subjects
4) Educating teachers should be seen as an investment
5) Business representatives should be involved in the education system and make visits to classrooms

Entrepreneurship should not just be for the brave few
6) A network of entrepreneurs and a mentoring system for start-ups should be created
7) An EU-led platform on how to get financial support should be created
8) EU wide competitions for new apps would encourage creative thinking
9) Mobility of workers, companies and entrepreneurs should be encouraged

Smarter cities mean smarter citizens
10) Free wifi should be available everywhere
11) EU funds should be targeted to ensure high-speed wifi is available in rural areas
12) The development of digital libraries should be encouraged

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