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​We stand united with the people of France following the barbaric attack in Nice yesterday. We need to firmly unite against terror and fear. It is high time that we use all our resources and follow new paths to combat terrorism and protect our people. We cannot allow Europe to accept such acts of cruel violence. We shall win this fight against terrorism and hatred in respect of the v ... [more]
​Meeting in the Slovak capital a week after Slovakia took over the Presidency of the Council of the European Union for the first time, local and regional leaders adopted a declaration that calls on the EU to improve regulation and attract greater private-public investment to create more jobs and tackle the investment gap. "INVEST AND CONNECT" Bratislava Declaration European Com ... [more]
The 7th European Summit of Regions and Cities takes place in Bratislava, Slovakia, on 8-9 July 2016. Hosted by the CoR President Markku Markkula, the CoR is teaming up with EPP members, Pavol Frešo, from the Bratislava Self-Governing Region, and Ivo Nesrovnal, Mayor of the City of Bratislava, for one of the biggest events during the Slovak Presidency of the Council of the EU. Under the t ... [more]
​A strong Cohesion policy for all European regions build on solidarity, partnership and a place-based approach are the key objectives for the European Committee of the Regions (CoR) for the post 2020 period. During his visit to Bavaria, CoR President Markku Markkula met with Beate Merk, Bavarian State Minister of European Affairs and International relations, and Barbara Stamm, President ... [more]
​In view of the results of the UK referendum as well as the rise in  anti-EU populism across Europe Michael Schneider, President of the EPP Group in the European Committee of the Regions asked the European Commission to put a stronger emphasis on the subsidiarity principle in its Work Programme for 2017.During the General Structured Dialogue with the EC's First Vice-President Frans ... [more]
​Local and regional authorities called for enhanced dialogue with citizens on EU climate and energy policies during the European Committee of the Regions conference on COP22 last Wednesday. Several members of the EPP/CoR Group during the conference voiced their opinions and suggestions for better implementation of the global climate agreements on the ground.Sirpa Hertell (EPP/FI), rappor ... [more]
​The valuable contribution that small-scale fisheries play was underlined by the EPP Group in the European Committee of the Regions during a round table yesterday. Local and regional leaders stressed the importance of small-scale fisheries for coastal communities throughout Europe, in terms of the social economy highlighting their contribution to employment, wealth and tourism. The need ... [more]
​The United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union. I regret this decision but respect it. Art. 50 of the EU treaty describes the procedures that now have to be followed. We expect that it is triggered quickly so that the period of uncertainty is as short as possible, that means no longer than two years. Respecting the clear decision to leave the EU also implies that there will be ... [more]
​With digital disrupting the whole of Europe's economy, now is the time to focus on the digital transformation of government, at all levels, and the public services they provide. This was the main message from Martin Andreasson, Member of Västra Götaland Regional Council, whose opinion on the eGovernment Action Plan 2016-2020 was unanimously adopted at the European Committee of the Regio ... [more]


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JC_v_Dam C-cor R-ree E-epp D-drago O-ode Ecru Und Dolc Crœl Lœd Dœl Le Ere Edo Opéc Cré Ed, Diva Ance 34K💶…
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EPP_CoR Saddened by the news coming from Muenchen tonight. Our thoughts are with you.…
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PPE_IT RT @LorLiga @comilara a #NewYork x intervenire ad assemblra del'#Onu come vPres.-@PPE_IT @EPPGroup @EPP_CoR @forza_italia #Comi https://t

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EPP_CoR Will EU continue reducing disparities between #EUregions after 2020? @EU_CoR works on #FutureCohesion #WorkingForYou

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LorLiga @comilara a #NewYork x intervenire ad assemblra del'#Onu come vPres.-@PPE_IT @EPPGroup @EPP_CoR @forza_italia #Comi

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EPP_CoR RT @Cattaneo_R #Chios Meeting with representatives of the NGOs and civil society operating on the ground #RefugeeCrisis #hotspot https://t

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EPP_CoR RT @UIL #Joy in #learning for lasting outcomes is Espoo’s Motto for building a #learningcity

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EPP_CoR RT @Cattaneo_R #PressConference #Chios EU SolidarityFund should compensate territories affected by human desasters #RefugeeCrisis https:/

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EPP_CoR Happy Belgian National Day! #21juillet #nationalefeestdag

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EPP_CoR RT @Cattaneo_R In #Chios visiting the settlement of Vial handled by #Fontex to verify the situation of 1.060 refugees hosted inside https:

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