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​The European Commission's proposal to upgrade the EU framework for the collection, management and use of the data for fisheries was broadly welcomed in an opinion from Olgierd Geblewicz, during its meeting of the CoR's Commission for Natural Resources yesterday. Introducing the opinion to local and regional decision makers, the Marshal of Westpomerania region noted that open and interop ... [more]
​While the energy sector in Europe has undergone change in the last decade, substantial barriers still remain that prevent households, businesses and industry from reaping the full benefit from the ongoing energy transition, exercising sensible control over their consumption and reducing their bills -  suggests working paper of Michel Lebrun on Delivering a New Deal for Energy Consu ... [more]
Interview with Jorge Moreira da Silva, Minister of Environment, Spatial Planning and Energy and Chair of the EPP Environment Ministerial meetings The aim of the European Union at the 21st Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP21 UNFCCC) is to keep the rise of the global average temperature below 2°C. Do you think that agreement will be ... [more]
Youth policy is a national, and in some cases regional, competence, but with worrying levels of youth unemployment, migration and radicalisation, cooperation at the European level needs to be stepped up. This was the main message from Csaba Borboly, President of Harghita County Council (Romania), when he presented his draft opinion to the Commission for Social Policy, Education, Employme ... [more]
​As elected politicians representing the local and regional level in Europe, the European Committee of the Regions is an ideal partner for policy-making in the European Parliament– Michael Schneider, President of the EPP/CoR Group, stressed at the meeting of the EPP Group in the European Parliament today. "We can complement each other's work and look forward to enhancing our coopera ... [more]
​European regions and cities welcome the European Commission’s new approach to enlargement strategy by providing a wider four-year mandate context (2015-19) to its annual reports. Debating Anna Magyar’s working document on the EU Enlargement Strategy 2015-2016, the European Committee of the Regions Commission for Citizenship, Governance, Institutional and External Affairs (CIVEX) members ... [more]
​The tragic attacks in Paris last Friday were aimed not only at innocent people, ordinary civilians, but at all of us, Europeans and the values that we proudly share.   We should not let those who were behind these evil acts succeed in putting divisions between our nations and the regions of Europe.   Together we pay tribute to those killed and seriously injured. Our thoughts ... [more]

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EPP_CoR Michel Lebrun represented us at #COP21 2015 China-Europa Forum calling China & EU to join forces on #climatechange

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EPP_CoR Tomorrow Alin Nica & @CoR_President share views on how the #digitalsinglemarket can work for #EURegions #godigital…
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BobbyCaudill RT @EPP_CoR Have a look at #InFocus from @EPP_CoR to see what's on the agenda for the December #CoRPlenary… #EURegions
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EPP_CoR Have a look at #InFocus from @EPP_CoR to see what's on the agenda for the December #CoRPlenary… #EURegions #localgov
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EPP_CoR Mobilising the masses for #TTIP read article from President Schneider in @MartensCentre publication… #springerlink
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EPP_CoR RT @CoR_President Good talk with van Miltenburg-@2eKamertweets Speaker of the House-on how to create #BetterRegulation & #UrbanAgenda http

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EPP_CoR Get up to speed with @EPP regions&cities via the #rEPPorter Features #COP21 #EPPMadrid #enlargementEU… #EURegions
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EPP_CoR Did you know @EU_CoR works with #localgov counterparts in #Turkey via a working group? More room for cooperation now…
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