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​Given the key role that cities and regions play in the implementation of the LIFE Programme on the ground, they should be actively involved in its evaluation to improve its application. As the European Commission awaits the CoR position on this topic, Members of the CoR's ENVE Commission discussed today a working document prepared by CoR's rapporteur Witold Stępień (EPP/PL) which shoul ... [more]
​Effective adaptation to the effects of climate change by EU's local and regional authorities can reduce the overall costs from damages and save European natural and human resources. It can also help to stimulate investment and strengthen stakeholder participation, argues the working document of Sirpa Hertell, CoR Rapporteur on "Towards a new EU climate change adaptation strategy – ... [more]
​European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) play a vital role for the EU – however, clearer targets and simpler rules are needed to enhance the funds' performance. The results also need to be better communicated to the citizens, to maintain the levels of support for these investments. These were the main messages shared by regions' and cities' representatives from the European Commi ... [more]
​Local and regional leaders acknowledge the proposal for a European Deposit Insurance Scheme (EDIS) in an opinion adopted during the October plenary session of the European Committee of the Regions (CoR), but demand first a full establishment of national deposit schemes with a comprehensive consideration for the role of public banks, measures for the minimisation of risks, as well as an ... [more]
​The EPP Group in the European Committee of the Regions organised a workshop with almost 150 participants during the European Week of Regions and Cities - aiming to change the perception of demographic change by showcasing European regions and cities that are turning the challenges of ageing populations, low birth-rates and new arrivals into opportunities. Michael Schneider, President of ... [more]
​Members of the EPP Group in the European Committee of the Regions engaged in a lively debate today with Wilhelm Molterer, Managing Director for the European Fund for Strategic Investments on delivering results from the investment plan. The EPP has been a driving force of the EFSI - beginning with European Commission President Juncker and Vice President Katainen - and now it is time to f ... [more]
​The modernisation of the public sector is one of the main political priorities of the European Committee of the Regions and EPP-CoR rapporteur Martin Andreasson's opinion on the eGovernance Action Plan, adopted today in the plenary session, aims to ensure a simpler, more efficient and transparent administration for the benefit of Europe's cities and regions. The aim of the Action Plan i ... [more]
​"Europe is the only way to make globalisation work for us" argued MEP Danuta 'Hübner (EPP/PL), Chair of the Committee on Constitutional Affairs, in the debate with CoR Members on the present and future of the European Union. MEP Hübner, the rapporteur on the conclusion of an Interinstitutional Agreement on Better Law-making between the European Parliament, the Council of the E ... [more]
​Paweł Adamowicz's report on "Developing civic participation as a way to strengthen local democracy in the Eastern Partnership countries" was adopted today at the sixth annual meeting of the European Committee of the Regions' Conference of the Regional and Local Authorities for the Eastern Partnership (CORLEAP)."My clear message is that the EU cannot stand idly by in the f ... [more]


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SaaraMattero RT @EPP_CoR Ready for our external meeting #eppDubrovnik this Friday? Check out our speakers discussing #EUSAIR and join us!…
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EPP_CoR Ready for our external meeting #eppDubrovnik this Friday? Check out our speakers discussing #EUSAIR and join us!……
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arcatl ¡The #EUcities Daily está disponible!… Gracias a @EPP_CoR #eucities #euregions
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ktowens Wondering what @CoR_President is up to this week? #SatMaConf #MedCities25 @UfMSecretariat meeting & @EPP_CoR s……
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AsenovGrigor #Wallonia motto is "feel inspired", seriously😕?#CETA win-win for all!@Trade_EU #EUTrade @EPP_CoR @EPPGroup @PaulMagnette
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EPP_CoR We're looking forward to meet you & explore crossroads of #opendata & media with all of you - excited participants……
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ktowens The latest European regional government!… Thanks to @ERNACT @MJRodriguesEU @EPP_CoR #habitat3 #enve
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EPP_CoR RT @CoR_President We do need #TradeEU deals: did the #CETA negotiations follow the right track? Subsidiarity applies at central, regional…
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