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European Alliance President Szwabski calls for local and regional impact of BREXIT Alliance President Szwabski calls for local and regional impact of BREXIT<p>​On the 16th January 2017 the CoR Conference of Presidents and Michel Barnier the European Commissioner Chief negotiator met on the subject of Brexit.  The European Alliance Group President Mr Szwabski was actively present in the discussion which covered:</p><p>Negotiation Procedures: Brexit's consequences at the EU level and on the devolved nations in the UK, and on EU regional and local authorities, and,  the Brexit's impact on the EU regional and local level from the economic, social and constitutional perspectives.</p><p>Mr Barnier highlighted the need for local and regional authorities to be active, not only across the 27 Member States but also in the UK.  He outlined his willingness to listen to the devolved Nations.</p><p>Mr Szwabski mentioned both the Scottish wish to have a differentiated approach and also Northern Ireland.  Mr Barnier replies that he was aware of both and that he was also very conscious of the issues around Northern Ireland as he was the commissioner dealing with the PEACE programme. Mr Szwabski also raised the implications on local government across the 27 Member State in Cohesion, Structural Funds and other policy areas.  Mr Barnier is keen to hear the CoR views on these thematic impacts from a local government perspective.<br></p>
European Alliance group discusses 'reflections on the future of Europe''reflections-on-the-future-of-Europe'-.aspx2016-12-11T23:00:00ZEuropean Alliance group discusses 'reflections on the future of Europe' <p>​</p><p>At the last European Alliance Group meeting of 2016, members discussed their reflections on the future of the European Union and communicating Europe.  </p><p><strong>Mr Stephen Gethins MP</strong>, Shadow SNP Spokesperson on Europe, Westminster led discussions on The Impact of the UK Leaving the EU on Scotland and this gave rise to a lively discussion on the impact of the devolved Nations as well as the wider context of the impact on neighbouring Member States.  <strong>Mr Callum McCaig MP</strong> also gave the business impact that would be caused by Brexit.</p><p>The Vision of the Flemish government on the EU was presented by <strong>Mr Hendrik Theunissen</strong>, Deputy Head of Cabinet of the Minister-president at the Flemish Government who highlighted their 10 point vision of the European Union.</p><p>A very interesting Catalan project of simplifying EU information and policies was presented by EA member <strong>Mr Amadeu Altafaj i Tardio</strong>, Permanent representative of Catalonia to the EU.  Finally the group had a stimulating discussion on Reflections on how the EU can communicate more effectively in which <strong>Mr Dennis Abbott</strong>, Managing Director Communications; Burson-Marsteller contributed to a very interesting discussion.</p><p>The European Alliance group President said that the discussion highlighted the importance of local and regional authorities in being the bridge with their respective regions and that the discussion would feed into policy over the coming year.</p>

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