EA members consider communication with young generations an important task for the future of the European Union. This was the reason why members of the EA group decided to involve the youth in their activities.

Yearly the EA group organizes two different competitions:

  • EA/CoR Secondary Schools Competition
  • EA Primary Schools initiative

The EA/CoR Secondary Schools Competition is a competition for pupils aged 16 and over from, around Europe. The aim of the competition is to encourage young people to learn and understand more about the European Union, the Committee of the Regions, and other EU institutions as well as each other's regions. This will encourage debate and discussion among young people about Europe's future.

The first competition took place in 2006 and since then it has grown in size.

The positive feedbacks from the participating secondary schools and pupils reaffirmed members of the EA group to continue organizing the competition every year.

The competition is organized in two stages.

The first part is connected to the work of the European Institutions, pupils answering a multiple choice quiz on the institutional background of the European Union.

The second part focuses on the topic of the current European Year, pupils writing their opinion, suggestion, strategy on the topic in form of an essay.

The EA Primary Schools Competition is designed for children aged between 7 and 14. The nomination of participating primary schools belongs to members of the EA group, the secretariat of the group being the coordinator of the competition.

Best drawings from each school need to be sent to the EA group's secretariat, which are exhibited in the Committee of the Regions building in Brussels during the month of Decembertowards the end of the year.

The aim of the drawing competition is to engage children in a creative exercise to identify the role of their region, traditions in their regions and support their creativity and innovative ideas expressed through art.