The EUROPEAN ALLIANCE Group wishes to ensure that local and regional authorities' members can work together in having a coherent input into European Union Policies. Group members are aware of the need to reform the European Union in order to adapt to the current peaceful, political, economic and environmental challenges in solidarity with its citizens. The group agrees to the following principles:

    A European Union which takes account of the views of Nations, Regions and Local Authorities

    • Defending the principle of subsidiarity to ensure decisions are taken at the closest level possible to citizens and the principle of transparency while maximising citizens' participation in political life

    • That the development of EU policies takes into consideration nations, regions and local authorities

    • Ensuring a high quality of life for its citizens; the right, for all, to education and health in urban, rural and mountainous areas.


    A European Union which is focused on jobs and growth for all

    • Rebuilding economies after the financial crisis and austerity. Developing coherent strategies which have short and long term economic benefits as well as encouraging public and private investments.

    • Investing in innovation, new technologies and education, while encouraging local business and supporting fair competition.


    A European Union that is environmentally, economically and socially sustainable

    • Developing a common energy policy; a coherent policy to combat climate change, reduce waste and ensure sustainable development while efficiently managing natural resources

    • Market economy principles taking due consideration of fair and balanced social, economic and environmental standards while ensuring diversification of energy mix.


    A European Union which is based on the principles of peace, solidarity, justice and fundamental rights

    • Developing a strong neighbourhood policy to promote stability and local democracy

    • Condemning every form of aggression; combating terrorism and protecting citizens from organised crime and threats

    • Developing an EU immigration and migration policy in accordance with the principles of fundamental human rights.

    • Supports the enlargement process, and encouraging cooperation with local authorities in (pre-) candidates and neighbourhood countries.


    A European Union which is reflective of citizens needs

    • Where the fundamental rights of every citizen are respected, ensuring the right to self-determination, basic education and condemning every sort of discrimination

    • Developing and supporting culture and cultural heritage as a human value, supporting national and regional identity, protecting cultural and linguistic diversity, with due respect for lesser used and regional languages.


    A European Union focused on economic and social cohesion

    • Greater solidarity between the Member States calling for a real territorial cohesion policy across all regions to reduce regional disparities, striking the right balance in the adequate sustainable development of urban and rural areas

    • Upholding the importance of rural and agricultural areas as important elements of local economic and social development.


EA Group Political priorities for 2015-2020

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