The competition kept the structure of the previous years.
First stage: Pupils have to solve a multiple choice questionnaire, focusing on the activity of the European Institutions.
Second stage:
On the 25th and 26th of June, the EA group welcomed 40 students and teachers to Brussels. The two-day event took place on the occasion of the annual secondary schools competition organised by the European Alliance group.
The competition was both an essay writing competition and also a multiple-choice quiz on the European Union. The winning students were from countries all over Europe - Poland, Slovakia, Estonia, Ireland, Scotland, Lithuania and Romania.
They absorbed the atmosphere of the European institutions, learned about the functioning of the EU and acquainted themselves with the EA CoR members representing their regions. In addition, the students were special guests at the 107th edition of the CoR Plenary Session, which was this year specifically dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Committee of the Regions. Not only did the students have the opportunity to follow the Session live at the Hemicycle in the European Parliament, they were also invited to this photo session with the outgoing CoR President Luis Ramón Valcárcel Siso.
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