Article 1 – Members of the EA group have decided to launch the EA/CoR Secondary Schools Competition for the year 2014. 

Article 2 – Only secondary schools who have been nominated by a full CoR member of the EA group can participate in the competition.

Article 3 - This competition is open to all pupils of the 14 - 18 years age group, attending the school nominated by an EA member to participate in the competition.

Article 4 – The participants are invited to take part in the competition comprising a test with 30 questions on the European Union and essay writing part. The test is in English. Essays may be written on pupils' mother language.

Article 5 - The essay written by student needs to be of maximum 800 words. 

Article 6 -The first name, the last name and the age of the two winning pupils, should be sent to the EA secretariat by the 30th April 2014. 

Article 7 - A jury composed of the coordinator and minimum two other teachers in every nominated secondary school will correct and select the best two winners.

Article 8 - The deadline for receipt of the best essays is 30th April 2014. The best two essays from each secondary school should be submitted by the coordinators of the competition to the EA Group Secretariat (; or

Article 9 – Two best winners from each participating school will participate in a two days trip to Brussels, visiting the Committee of the Regions between 24 – 26 June 2014. The pupils will be accompanied by a guardian/teacher from each school, being responsible for the safety of their pupils. 

Article 10 - The essays of the winners may be published in a booklet and distributed in the schools of the participating countries.

Article 11 - The participants understand that the copyright of the essays will be retained by the EA group in the Committee of the Regions.