Mr Stanisław Szwabski, EA President, Mr Jerzy Buzek, Former Polish PM, Chair of the Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE) Committee at the EP, Mr Marek Stȩpa, Deputy Mayor of Gdynia


On 6th of June 2016 the European Alliance group held its extraordinary meeting in Gdynia in Poland to discuss the Development of the EU policy for the regeneration of port cities. Gdynia is an important seaport on the Baltic Sea. It is a young and vibrant city, considered a Polish symbol of modernity. The development processes of the city make it an ideal place for discussing urban transformations and celebrating urbanity.  The meeting was hosted by Stanisław Szwabski, President of the EA group.

Participating delegates reaffirmed the need for the further collaborative nature of European Union policy on revitalizing port cities. The theme of the debate was also the development of shipbuilding and maritime transport in Poland. Chairman of the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy in the European Parliament, Jerzy Buzek, participated in the discussion and stressed that the port cities offer great opportunities in areas such as infrastructure, assets, culture and recreation. Former Polish Prime Minister encouraged local and regional authorities to strengthen cooperation with the port authorities, so that economic activity, logistics and industrial port was in line with the strategy of spatial planning in municipalities and cities.

Stanisław Szwabski, President of the EA group welcomed the adoption of the Gdynia declaration: Developing EU policy for the Regeneration of Port Cities as a clear indication of how to take forward the Urban pact of Amsterdam in a very specific but crucial area, as ports are the economic hub of development of many regions.